Step Four: C&G 2357 NVQ level 3 electrical installation or maintenance

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Electrical Training Course

About This Course

This 2357 NVQ is designed specifically for candidates with less than five years experience who are actively working towards or have recently finished their Level 2 & Level 3 Diplomas.

If you have more than five years of experience please Contact Us to discuss completed your C&G 2346 NVQ.

Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview

Electricians NVQ units

The NVQ units cover the following:

Ensure safe site working

Diagnose and correct faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment

Provide technical and functional information to relevant people about electrotechnical systems and equipment

Maintain a safe and healthy working environment

Prepare to install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment

Install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment Connect wiring systems and equipment using safe and approved methods Inspect, test and commission an electrical installation

How the NVQ is structured

After completing the initial assessment to certify you meet the criteria for this qualification you’ll be allocated an assessor who will support you through the NVQ process all the way up to final assessments.

They’ll help you to understand:

How to build your portfolio

What range of evidence needs to be gathered to meet the criteria of the qualification

What assessors are looking for so you can demonstrate full professional competence

Different types of assessment methods include:

Witness testimony

Reflective accounts

Photographic evidence

Direct observation


As stated above the Electrician NVQ covers assessments of your portfolio and onsite visits.

When completed you’ll receive a formal Level 3 NVQ certificate from C&G the UK's leading provider of vocational qualifications.


The price of this NVQ does not include the AM2 assessment which is required as your end point assessment.

You can book this AM2 assessment with numerous AM2 test centres throughout the UK. Visit this page for more details:

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